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From Sleepless Nights, Through the Darkness, and into Awakening

I am Kaedrich, your guide through the Shadow Matrix and today I want to talk about one of the things that has come up with a large number of clients, is the presence of unwanted subtle beings - or even, should I say unexpected beings that could be misunderstood

This is one of the down sides to awakening to your higher potential and activating your gifts, is the unexpected surprise that we are not alone, never have been

Sometimes these beings are feeding off of our fears, our anger, aggressions, jealousy - all those things that generate shadow energy - so we might think of these beings as shadow entities

But that is not always the case. Most of the time these beings are benign to neutral, but our expectations of them being a negative entity clouds the situation. Our fear can get out of control and create a negative energy space around us. Again, this is the projection of shadow energy.

This reminds me of a client who could not sleep at night. Every night she would go to sleep, she was awakened by spirits talking to her. They kept her up all night long.

I made it difficult to sleep at night. Consequently she was tired and underperforming at work, worried that she might lose her job. Even more, she was frightened of these things. Who wouldn’t be. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Your safe place away from shadow beings and other spiritual entities .

But that is when they often come to talk with us. Mostly because that is the time we can set aside the noise of the day and quiet the mind. These beings can sense that, and tune into us.

So I helped her do some shadow work. This cleared out the negative entities and their energies. But it did not stop the other spiritual beings talking with her at night. Then, we worked to set sanctuary, boundaries, and agreements.

Finally, she got the sleep she needed. Things started going good at work. AND most importantly, she started building rapport with higher level entities and loved ones who came to visit her.

You see, she had the ability to speak with the spirits, but was afraid of them, pushed them away with her fear. The higher level beings could move past that energy - but her fear energy was also drawing in negative entities that fed and fueled her fear.

She was caught in a catch-22 - once we cleared those up, not only did she get that sleep, but the rapport with her guides and spirits helped her advance beyond her day job, she finally felt connected to the world around her; to something even bigger. This gave her the path to discovering who she was and a life she loved living

All of this from gaining insight as to what her sleepless nights were really about

If you are experiencing this kind of thing, you don't have to anymore - let's talk about how you i can get you the same kind of results - shoot me a DM and we’ll set up a meeting where we can get you started on path to transcending this part of the shadow matrix.


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