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Cosmic Sky
Cosmic Sky

Make a Sacred Connection
Integrate it throughout your whole life 


What if there was a way to have less stress through the tougher times in your life. And what if this could come with a deeper sense of clarity and understanding?

Spiritual practices do not need to stay in the ritual chamber. With this meditation, you make a sacred connection, then integrate it so that your own higher being becomes a guide throughout your daily life. 

I have helped people connect with and integrate higher self for over 20 years. They have learned how to start living a sacred life, in their own image, with their own personal connection.

 Bonus: Archetypes of the Soul music, for use in your own personal meditations.  

Download Album: $35

Blue Smoke

See  Everything from a Higher Perspective 

Connect with a higher part of your soul, that understands the life you endured, the choices you had to make, and will not stand in judgment of you. 

  • Discover the seat of your soul, where the higher being resides, a place beyond all thought and emotion where you can get the clarity and guidance you seek. 

  • Connect with the part of your being that can bring you comfort and peace in your times of need 


All of these aspects reside within you. With these three meditations, you can tap into these gifts waiting to be awakened.  

The meditations I present to you are the culmination of many years of study into the human psyche and the archetypes we have deep within our subconscious. The isochronic tones embedded into the music and the guided journey will take you deep into your psyche, to awaken parts of your soul that you have been missing your whole life.

Bonus: Archetypes of the Soul music, for use in your own personal meditations. 

Download Album: $25


Free Yourself from Unwanted Influences and Attachments  


Four powerful practices that open the depths of your psyche & soul, to clear away toxic and negative energies with the powerful protection of your own sacred self.  

With a connection to the sacred to open your soul, and isochronic tones embedded in the music to open your psyche, this is one of the safest ways you can free yourself from unwanted influences on your thoughts, emotions and spiritual growth.  

In my 30+ years of experience helping people with various practices in protection and clearing energies, these are some of the most powerful meditations I have developed. 

 Bonus: Sacred Anger music to use in your own practices and meditation for clearing and protection.

Download Album: $35

Dark Ocean

Simple Practices to Stay Safe from Paranormal Activity   

If you are faced with the supernatural, familiarize yourself with these techniques for setting sacred space, internally and externally, to ensure a beneficial outcome for all.  


Proper mindset and safe setting is essential for any workings with the paranormal. Whether it is for seance, paranormal investigation, or keeping your home safe. These guided meditations will help with proper set and setting. 

I have had a lifetime of interacting with the paranormal. These techniques that I am sharing with you have proven beneficial to many people in a wide range of circumstances in dealing with spiritual beings and entities.

Bonus: Through a Mirror Darkly music, to bring this protection into your own paranormal practices. 

Download Album: $25

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