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What is the Shadow Matrix and How you Got Stuck There

Hi Im Kaedrich Olsen, your guide through the Shadow Matrix

Let’s take a moment to talk about shadows

Shadows are the things we think, feel, believe, and do that get in the way of who we are authentically and how we want to be living.

Imagine, that your soul came into this world to live a purpose - to a have a goal to be fulfilled

And let’s think of that goal as not a destination, but a process of living - a way of being

But that way of being is disrupted and distorted by living in the 3d - and oddly enough, it needs to be that way - humanity has spent tens of thousands of years living in struggle and strife - pushing against the odds to survive and that can be reflected in daily life

Many clients have noticed this sort of thing going on around them but interfering with their spiritual growth and their connection to something higher

One in particular, we’ll call her Ann

She was trying to follow a path that seemed to be laid before her - she had the pull to do tarot readings and intuitive healings. She had the training and some experience.

She really was trying to do the things that she feel called to do - but something keeps getting in the way

She had that nagging inner voice that made her feel worthless and that her life wass pointless. It convinced her she did not have the experience needed, she was not worthy, and that this sort of stuff was total bunk!

As we did the work, we found that this came from people in her life and upbringing that always discouraged her every effort to follow her path and rise up to be something she was proud of.

This left her feeling helpless, desperate to find something meaningful to her, and even sad & angry at those people keeping her down.

It is not so strange that it is all the people who seem to want the best for her - but really, by projecting their shadows on to her, they are just protecting their own limited comfort zones.

This is just one part of the shadow matrix and how it works. If we are open to it, the people around us project their shadows onto us, keeping us locked into the 3D matrix of our world, and preventing us from accessing the 5D reality.

It doesn't have to be this way

When you learn to recognize the shadow, how the shadows work, where the shadow energy resides and how it flows - you can see it in others, how they are trying to push it on to you - AND the ways you unwittingly accept that shadow energy as your own

The time is now for you to step up and break free from this form of control as humanity is entering a new era of growth and awakening - you are already feeling it - this is why you are here - this is why you are struggling so hard to free yourself from a the struggle and strife of the 3D matrix - because you know these limitations and controls are not yours, it is not a part of your path

But keep in mind, you have been living with this shadow energy for so long, that it has become integrated into every part of your life - you have lived with it for so long that it cannot be instantly gone - and if it suddenly were gone, it would cause a major disruption and you would be facing even more unexpected shadows

So it takes some time, not a lot, and some work, not a lot, to work through shadow energy

Most importantly you need a strategy to clear that shadow energy away and find the strength to break free from the blocks keeping you locked in a small, limited, mundane reality.

People who work with me find a way to transcend the limitation, discover who they really are, and start the shifting of the energy of their life and being so that everything makes sense. They can see the shadows people are projecting onto them, and they can resist it.

If that is the kind of thing you are looking to do, drop me a message and I can set it up for us to chat for a bit, to go over your challenges and goals so we can talk about how to give you that strategy and finally transcend out of the shadow matrix for good!




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