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Reprogramming the Ego to get out of the Shadow Matrix

Hail, I am Kaedrich, your guide through the Shadow Matrix and I want to talk about how you can use your ego to rise up out of a life of limitations and sabotage.

Sometimes the ego gets in the way of our shift.

Sometimes, the ego thinks it knows what is best for us, what makes us happy, and what keeps us safe.

Sometimes, the ego feels that the immediate fulfillment of desires is what is best for us.

But we have to remember, not to confuse ego with self-aggrandizement, that is the domain of the ID getting out of control. I know we are talking about Freudian psychology - but the concept of the ego comes from Freudian psych - but I am stating this because the ego is very commonly misrepresented for what it is in spiritual circles.

For this work, I want you to think of the ego as your concept of self.

After all, it is your own personal “I am”

And remember “I am” is a powerful phrase to use for manifestation. It is even one of the names of god.


Another way that you can think of ego, is your state of being.

For example, I was working with a client who was full of “I am” statements, and these statements created the life she was living. A life that her higher being wanted desperately to change.

She was saying things like “I am constantly in pain, so I am not able to do the things I want to do”, “I am like my parents, born into a life of struggle and strife, and I don’t know any different.” “I am struggling every day to do better, but I am always failing to do so” “I am not sure that I can be anything else than what I am”

Can you hear how she was creating her own limitations through the sacred phrase of I am. This is her ego getting in the way and blocking her shift.

Why is it doing that?

Because the ego gets comfortable in its own state of being, even though her life was miserable and higher being was yearning to grow out of it. Because of her ego, and her "I am" statements, she was manifesting her life perfectly to what the ego wanted. The ego wanted limitation, the ego wanted stagnation, the ego wanted to go to bed every night getting a crappy night of sleep worrying about how it was going to make it through another day. The ego wanted to dig that deep dark hole ever deeper into the shadow matrix.

Why would it do that? Because that is all it has ever known; all it thinks that it can know. And every time she tried to make a change, to grow in the way her soul wanted, to step up and out of the 3D matrix, the ego would pull her back.

She would hear the voices of her father telling her that she had to work hard and make little money. That she would not amount to anything more than working in an office, at best, climbing the corporate ladder, earning meager pay and getting little to no recognition.

She heard those messages so much throughout her entire life that the ego was programmed to manifest that life. To keep her locked in the shadow matrix.

Meanwhile, her soul is screaming to get out of this rut.

Can you relate to that? You want something better for yourself, but it feels like something inside is pulling you down, or even sabotaging your every effort.

This is the ego, programmed by the shadow matrix, to keep you small, compliant, and scared to step into your potential. It is not the ego that wants something better for you, it is your own higher being trying to work with your ego to create it.

If you have had enough of that sort of struggle, you can learn to reprogram the ego. In fact, you may even feel your soul yearning to reach out beyond the limitations of the ego - to do something different with it.

Ok, let’s take a quick break to talk about being egotistical and arrogant. In shadow work, we see energy as energy. Energy can be reprogrammed and repurposed. When the ego gets out of control, demanding, and full of itself - it is not being bad. It is just programmed that way by the shadow matrix. This is a form of sabotaging the soul.

When you learn to reprogram the ego, you learn to use the manifestation energy of the ego to propel yourself above and beyond the shadow matrix. When you learn to reprogram the ego, you are not limited by “I am” statements. Rather, you use them to create the life your soul needs. You can learn to align your ego with the energy of your own higher being.

If you are ready to learn to reprogram the ego, drop me a DM. Let me know what you are facing and we can talk about ways we can work together.




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Ego is so powerful! When it doesn't become a “thing” it disappears. When ego disappears, the heart opens and then, life changes and it feels good - no going back.

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