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Don’t Kill the Ego - You Need it to Clear the Confusion

I’m Kaedrich, your guide through the Shadow Matrix. Today I want to talk about the ego

We hear in so many spiritual circles that the ego is a bad thing, something we need to learn to get rid of, or move beyond.

But I want to tell you that the ego is a necessary and important part of your spiritual growth.

When people come to me concerned about ego issues, they tell me that they are worried about being too full of themselves. They don’t want to become like those arrogant people who demand everything, but yet give nothing.

Many of us have been taught to see the ego as some sort of monster lying inside, ready to destroy any gains we have made in our personal growth.

Sometimes, this fear of the ego can actually get in the way of your goals.

I had a client who was afraid of her ego. She, like many of us, was taught that if the ego had control, she was doing something wrong. So she struggled with her spirituality. She thought she was doing something wrong if she wanted something for herself. Because she felt the ego was tied in with darker forces, her life floundered. She had a miserable job, loathed her day-to-day interactions with co-workers, and just spun out.

But I suggested to her, maybe the ego can be connected with higher self. In the Hindu/ vedic tradition, we have two forms of higher self. Brahma, the cosmic higher self that exists in higher realms and guides us. And we have atman, the form of higher being that resides within the day-to-day self.

Both want what is really best for you. Both want your spiritual and conscious evolution. And, in some perspectives, the desires of the Atman can be perceived as ego out of control.

But let me ask you this. What if, just what if, your ego might be drawing you to higher and better things for you. What if that desire and passion you feel inside is a motivating force pushing you to higher self.

This can be confusing. Knowing which impulse and urge to follow.

You see, sometimes these new age, modern spiritual thoughts, can actually be shadows projected onto us. Locking us in this 3d matrix, spinning out wheels, when we actually things we are doing spiritual things. But if you're getting nowhere, getting more and more frustrated, and you think you are doing everything right spiritually, you may be stuck in a part of the shadow matrix.

So, if you have had enough of the confusion. If you are done with feeling bad about wanting a better life and good things for you - there is a way out of that.

Shoot me a quick DM so that we can start working together to build some strategies that will connect your higher being with your day-to-day self, so you can make allies with your ego, and finally rise out of these shadows.

I look forward to talking with you




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