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Spirit Readings

We live in a paranormal reality and it is important that we learn to coexist with our spiritual neighbors.


You know that you are continuously surrounded by many subtle beings and spiritual entities. Some have your best interest in mind, others may be using you for their own gains.


  • Can you feel them? Do you hear their whispers? 

  • Do they drain your energy, or empower your spirit?

  • Are you aware of their manipulations and games? 

  • Are you attuned to the wisdom and guidance they offer? 


Do you need clarity and a better understanding of who these beings are and why they are in your life?


90 Minutes / $250 


What can you expect?

  • A safe and comfortable atmosphere to help us reach across the veil and work with spiritual beings

  • Communication and connection with beings, which can include loved ones, that will help you get the insight that can best help you, and the closure that you may need.

  • Powerful and effective spiritual practice that has proven to connect with beings of many kinds, in a safe way

  • A calm and relaxing environment to help us be open to the energies and connections needed

  • Cleansing and clearing process to make sure you are free of attachments and unwanted energies

Let’s work together to bring you the peace and happiness that you need. 


Séance will be our primary means of making these connections.


During this process, we may engage with one or more of the following:

  • Ouija Board - to help us confirm the connection and receive initial messages 

  • Black Mirror - as a tool to open the portal, bring higher level beings in to the room, as a medium for

  • Channeling - to allow the messages you need to receive to come through 

  • Intuitive Communication - to be aware of energies, emotions, thoughts, feelings, or any other information that needs to be conveyed.

  • Clearing Energy and Releasing Entities - to ensure you return to your life safely, free from any unwanted negative influence 

Reconnect with loved ones 

  • Work through difficulties that remain unresolved and 

  • Release problems and emotions from the past that may be holding you back

  • Learn how to let go so that they can move on in their new afterlife

  • Finally say the things you wish you could have said, while they were alive

  • Get the confirmation and the closure that you need, but never got

  • Maybe even feel their presence, one more time 

Finally get the closure you need!


Follow this link to book your Spirit Reading session and I will be there


90 Minutes / $250 

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Kaedrich Olsen

My life has been filled with interacting with many kinds of spirits, helping people connect with beings on the other side of life and protecting them from those that mean harm. I know how to help you connect with them, to remove them from your life, and to help you call upon the strength and wisdom from the beings that can help you. 


For over 20 years, I have helped people:

  • Release any spirits and attachments that may be negatively influencing them

  • Cut away tendrils and cords from people and entities draining  energy and power

  • Build allies with powerful entities that helped them stand against negative forces in their lives

  • Forge deep connections with sacred beings that guided them through difficult times

  • Build a deep connection with their own sacred powers

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