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Spirit Attachment & Tendril Clearing

You have a strange energy drain, no matter the physical care you are giving to your body.

Strange thoughts keep pervading your mind, and will not dissipate.

You are overcome with negative emotions that you cannot understand the cause.

All of these are signs of a spirit attachment or energy tendrils. 

We can work together to clear your body and being of these unwanted influences, and bolster your energy field so that they never return.

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Kaedrich Olsen has spent a lifetime working with spirits of all kinds.

Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned how to communicate with spiritual beings. Living in a house full of ghosts and other strange beings, he honed his abilities to work with such entities.


Plus, his years of study into Norse Mysticism and Transpersonal Counseling gave him the tools to further refine his understanding and techniques that he is now ready to share with those willing to learn.


His work expands beyond basic communication, as he is working with paranormal investigators, to train them on staying safe in potentially dangerous paranormal situations.

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