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Shadow Ascension

Thank you, for your interest in this ground-breaking course.

I am hard at work putting the last of the pieces together. 

As soon as it is ready, I will let you know!

I know what it is like to be stuck in the shadows

This is a great place to add a tagline.

I know what it is like to be cast out, and feel alone and abandoned because my personal spiritual understanding does not fit into the proper, peace-love & light mentality.

I know what it is like to rise above the judgment and find my own sacred connection, in my own way, and start to live my life in accordance to my own sacred principles.

But, when I learned to truly embrace who I was, is when I got clear on my purpose, and accepted the path I was set to live, that is when everything changed – massively for the better!


This is what I want to share with you. If I can learn to become who I truly am, out of the shadows and darkness that others have cast upon me, then you too can learn to become a shining beacon in your own darkness.

This is not a path for those embracing mainstream religions, mainstream lifestyles, or popular cultures.

 This is a path for those called to be different, to stand out from the norm. Those of you who are called to be something beyond the comfort zones of the normal world.

This program is open for anyone seeking to step up, no matter their race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

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