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Weekly Rune Rede

Runar Raða - Weekly Rune Rede

“Veistu, hvé ráða skal?”
Do you know how you to advise?

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Join me, Wednesdays  8:00pm MST (7 PST/ 10 EST) for an hour of answers and guidance from the runes (and other sources). 


Just fill out the form below with a quick question that you would like some guidance or clarity with. I will then answer it via live video feed.


Questions will be shared publicly (tell me if you wish to remain anonymous), and I will go live to consult the runes and answer your question. 


Some notes to keep in mind:

  • I will attempt to answer as many questions as I can in the hour, maybe only 9-10 questions. 

  • If I do not get to yours, stay tuned and I may be able to get to it on the next broadcast. 

  • This session will be recorded and available for replay. 

  • If you do not want to have your name said on the broadcast, please let me know and I will answer your question anonymously. 

By submitting your question, via this form, it helps me to organize and keep track of the questions coming in so I can help as many people as possible.

Thanks for submitting! Tune in soon, to hear your answer.

Personal Guidance

Weekly Rune Rede will only cover quick and easy questions, nothing deep and personal. 

If you want to go deeper into your own personal challenges to gain the clarity you need, please schedule some one-on-one time so that you can get the personal guidance you need. 

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