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As Pagan and Heathen Men, we struggle to find our place a world filled with toxic models of masculinity that are dis-empowering and unrealistic. 

There is a path to discover who you really are and why you are here.

Step up and make the world a better place for you and your loved ones. So that the next generation of men can create a future without the toxic struggles that have held us down for so long.

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To become the best provider and protector that you can be, in these uncertain times

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        Spiritual Guidance

Trying to navigate the pitfalls of your life can be treacherous. Especially if you are experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening or the dark night of your soul. 

Let’s work together to create a program, ideally suited for you, to help you get your life back on track, with a deep and authentic spiritual connection.

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Awaken the Divine Masuline

 Access the power of sacred masculine archetypes to guide you through difficulties, awaken your sacred potential, and live the life they were always meant to have.


PDFs, Videos, Audio Meditation








I would recommend taking any of your courses regardless of the person's current spiritual status or divination practices because from my experience there is such a wealth of knowledge given in each course/ workshop that it literally took me weeks to really dive into of my notes from previous classes and being the student again has opened me up to an entirely new view of myself and the state of my spiritual practice


Kaedrich Olsen is raw. He is real. He helps men be raw and real. The archetypes are just a base, a method. The sacredness of men holding space for other men to process, to be, to grow is the magic that kaedrich is giving us. Being a reflection in the mirror that tells us it's not an easy path but a worthy path, then facilities teaching tools to walk the path


I have been looking for a way to understand, integrate and walk a spiritual path based on norse wisdom. Thank you for making it easy and understandable without the woohoo with these practices. Keep up the good work

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Kaedrich Olsen

With nearly 30 years of experience, his unique gifts and expertise has helped many men, just like you, find the clarity and insights they needed to understand the cause and resolutions during times of spiritual crisis.


His training and certifications include: 

  • Transpersonal hypnotherapy

  • Transpersonal counseling 

  • Spirit Release Therapy

  • Grief counseling

  • EFT

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