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Spiritual Guidance 

With over 30 years of experience helping spiritually awakened people, like you, take the next step in their growth. 

Let me help you step out of the shadows of your past and heal the spiritual distortions limiting you.


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Astara Sophia

I am so grateful to you, beyond words really - it means the world to me that I have found such a stable and wise mentor and teacher.  You are totally awesome !!!

Thanks to your amazing insights, I feel like I’ve come back to my centre, my mind is relieved and I can just take my time, step by step, following the trail, trusting my guidance.


Kaedrich's education, knowledge and experience in the paranormal world makes him the perfect teacher to bring this much needed information to a world that is SO under educated and under prepared for it.


Going through a spiritual awakening can be quite unsettling. These new experiences can cause so much confusion, especially trying to get answers with the overload of information online. Kaedrich helped me understand a few fundamental concepts, that really helped validate / understand my experiences - this helped build my confidence with the spiritual realm, and got things moving in the right direction for me - Couldn't recommend him more. 

Raven M

I've had many great and talented teachers over the years but you have had the most impact of them all. Your classes have inspired new ways of thinking outside of the box and hence have removed layers and layers of fears that were suffocating me from my Catholic upbringing.
I'm certain I'm not the only student who has been liberated in this way, so I just want to say
"Thank You!"


In the over 10 yrs i have learned from you, 1) Authentic Real Deal nothing fake at all 2) my life moves forward from what you teach 3) Power of your wisdom translates through me for my own insight 4) It is really fun! 5) your mastery of the language and culture 6) Your direct link to spirit helpers and whisperers. 7) your common sense and practical street smarts. Luv all of it


I had a wildly beautiful experience reintegrating some of the traumatized parts of myself into harmony with my higher self. 

I even feel totally back online as far as my energy and ability to access my voyances and connect with my soul. Thank you so much!
Love you man, so grateful for your work :)


Kaedrich Olsen is a paranormal expert, internationally renowned author, speaker, and teacher with over 30 years of experience guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns.

From early childhood, and throughout his life, Kaedrich Olsen has led a paranormal life.

Living in a haunted house full of spirits taught him how to work with entities of all kinds. Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned the art of seance and channeling.


His lifetime connection with advanced beings, called the Whisperers, gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife, knowledge of how to work with various entities, and powerful ways of clearing unwanted attachments from home and individuals.

Now he brings his gifts to help people reach out and safely interact with loved ones and beings on the other side of life.

Author, of Runes for Transformation, published by Red Wheel/ Weiser – taps into the depths of your mind to connect with the runes within, to affect the world around you.

Email -

Kaedrich Olsen

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