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Connect With Your Authenticity
Discover your path, clear the blocks limiting every area of your life. 

Is trying to navigate the pitfalls of your life overly difficult?
Does it feel like there are impossible barriers blocking you from discovering who you are, stopping you from fulfilling your biggest dreams, and limiting the life you are meant to have? 

If so, you have come to the right place.

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Your spiritual connections, and the energies you keep within, are the keys to unlocking your path.  This is especially trues if you are experiencing a powerful spiritual awakening or the dark night of your soul. 


Whether it is connecting to your purpose, dealing with spiritual entities in the home, or moving beyond the shadows of the past, we all need some guidance and clarity.

And you don’t do this alone! 


I typically work with awakened souls who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level. With my years of experience and training, I have a vast set of tools that deliver the biggest impact to transforming your life. I work with people who want and need to take their life and performance to the next level!


I help people just like you move past spiritual and inner limitations. This includes clearing negative entities and energies and resetting belief & behavior patterns so that you can achieve next level results in every aspect of your life.

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Imagine being able to show up as your authentic self, fully empowered, connected with your intuitive gifts, and fully awakened. You will have a new set of successful beliefs and behaviors that will make you unstoppable! 

I understand that you have tried other spiritual approaches. You may even feel that popular or mainstream solutions have failed. This is not your fault! 

You are a unique person with unique perspectives, gifts, and challenges.  You need a unique approach to your spiritual path and connections.

Let me help you start living on a path ideally suited for you, to get your life back on track with a deep and authentic spiritual connection.


I have over 30 years of experience helping people all over the world awaken to their highest potential. 

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Why you want to work with a spiritual guide

  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs: so you are free from past experiences that are holding you back

  • Get free from spiritual attachments and negative energies: so that you can discvoer and live your most authentic life

  • Reconnect with loved ones and guides: so you can get the clarity and guidance you need from a higher place

  • Tap into and develop your intuitive gifts: so you can a leg up on the competition and access higher-orders of wisdom

  • A calm and relaxing environment: to help you be open to the energies and connections needed

  • A safe and comfortable atmosphere:  to help you reach across the veil and work with spiritual beings

  • Communication and connection with beings, which can include loved ones: that will help you get the insight that can best help you, and the closure that you may need.

  • Powerful and effective spiritual practices: that have proven to raise consciousness, transcend limitations, and connect with beings of many kinds, in a safe way

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What others are saying about Kaedrich


“I value and admire Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden…but neither one of these men can do what Kaedrich does."


"My therapist and I agree that your program was the turning point in my healing on all fronts."


“ I had a wildly beautiful experience reintegrating some of the traumatized parts of myself into harmony with my higher self.”

Kaedrich Olsen is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and teacher with over 30 years of experience guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns.

From early childhood, and throughout his life, Kaedrich Olsen has led a paranormal life.

His lifetime connection with advanced beings, called the Whisperers, gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife, knowledge of how to work with various entities, and powerful ways of clearing unwanted attachments from home and individuals.

Now he brings his gifts to help people reach out and safely interact with loved ones and beings on the other side of life.

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