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Pagan Men

In the Shadow of the
Divine Masculine

There is a darker side to the soul – the place of shadows.


It is from here where you hear those inner voices of self doubt, unworthiness, lack of confidence, and lack of clarity of who you really are and where your life should be going.


The key to freeing yourself from your soul-sucking life, comes from walking through these shadows - to engage the shit and embrace the suck.

Then, and only then will you discover your secret gifts, your hidden strengths, and the golden gem of your authenticity.

Step up, out of the shadows and awaken your life!

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Kaedrich Olsen

With nearly 30 years of experience, his unique gifts and expertise has helped many men, just like you, find the clarity and insights they needed to understand the cause and resolutions during times of spiritual crisis.


His training and certifications include: 

  • Transpersonal hypnotherapy

  • Transpersonal counseling 

  • Spirit Release Therapy

  • Grief counseling

  • EFT

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