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"This presentation by Kaedrich Olsen is a MUST for any paranormal investigator whether newly starting out or experienced pro.  Kaedrich's education, knowledge and experience in the paranormal world makes him the perfect teacher to bring this much needed information to a world that is SO under educated and under prepared for it.  This should be the FIRST tool in being an investigator... more important than any K2 or EMF meter will ever be."

~ Patti Negri, celebrity psychic-medium and Good Witch

Paranormal Investigator
Safety Training

Keep you and your crew safe, as you investigate haunted locations.


The risk of attachments and attacks is very real, as you may have already encountered. Learn the causes of different types of encounters ranging from communication to assault, and how you can mitigate the negative effects. 


Two levels of training available:  

4-hour Protocols Training: 
Immediately protect yourself from harm and keep yourself free from unwanted attachments.

Weekend workshop: 
Keep your crew safe with this comprehensive training on protection and clearing to ensure that there are no unintended consequences of the investigation.

 Training Available by appointment.
Send a contact form to ensure the safety of your next investigation. 

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Kaedrich Olsen has spent a lifetime working with spirits of all kinds.

Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned how to communicate with spiritual beings. Living in a house full of ghosts and other strange beings, he honed his abilities to work with such entities.


Plus, his years of study into Norse Mysticism and Transpersonal Counseling gave him the tools to further refine his understanding and techniques that he is now ready to share with those willing to learn.


His work expands beyond basic communication, as he is working with paranormal investigators, to train them on staying safe in potentially dangerous paranormal situations.

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