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Three Sessions


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Home Clearings

You know that there is something unexpected, and maybe unwanted in your home. 

Maybe it is just causing you discomfort, knowing it is there.  If it is mischievous and causing harm, you know you need to clear it out of there.

It is time to take your home back and make it the safe place you need it to be, for you, your family, and your loved ones.

I can help you learn how to make your home safe. You don't need to call a priest, you don't need to smudge everything. You have the power withing you to take back your home.

Let me show you how!

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Kaedrich Olsen has spent a lifetime working with spirits of all kinds.

Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned how to communicate with spiritual beings. Living in a house full of ghosts and other strange beings, he honed his abilities to work with such entities.


Plus, his years of study into Norse Mysticism and Transpersonal Counseling gave him the tools to further refine his understanding and techniques that he is now ready to share with those willing to learn.


His work expands beyond basic communication, as he is working with paranormal investigators, to train them on staying safe in potentially dangerous paranormal situations.

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