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Paranormal Services

Learn to safely co-exist in a paranormal world

Paranormal Investigator Safety Training

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Do you know what you would do, should you or someone on your team become a target for a negative entity?


As you are investigating known haunted locations, sometimes you stir up unwanted trouble. You may not even realize that you are doing it, until it is too late.


From outright attacks to lingering attachments, you do not have to be a victim to these unwanted interactions.

What you get with Paranormal Protection Training

Data integrity - Attachments and energy contagion can contaminate data collection as you are bringing energy and entities from one site to another, affecting the results. 

Keep your home and family safe - you are not bringing home something that could result in a haunting or poltergeist situation for your family and loved ones.

Sleep at night - no more nightmares or night terrors due to attachments and energy contagions that affect your sleep patterns.

Investigate for longer - you will be able to navigate through the “creepy vibe”, keep yourself safe from attacks, and stay longer on site, protected from problematic beings

Staying calm when things go bump - when something startles you, the “fear energy” gets too high, or something just does not feel right, you will be able to keep your wits and navigate the turbulence effectively.

Your mind is your own - when you are free from attachments, your mind is not filled with obsessive thoughts or negative emotions that are uncharacteristic of you

Maintain your wellbeing - with good sleep, reduced stress, free from negative energy, thoughts, and emotions, it will be easier to maintain overall health and wellbeing

In this workshop you will learn the things that you can do to ensure an investigation that is safe for everyone – and gets you the results you are looking for! Imagine being able to record phenomena that proves paranormal activity on site, and everyone walks away free from any sort of negative consequence.

Get practical hands-on training for techniques that will give you the protection you need, improve data collection, and keep your home free from unwanted tag-a-longs.

Two Levels of Training:

Paranormal Protection Training for Investigators 
Full Training

Everything in the Crash Course, plus:

  • Protocols for clearing energy, setting sacred space, and holding boundaries

  • Seance as preventive and protective care•Building rapport with beings that will help in many ways

  • Communicating with the spirits, to improve data response, help to free them, coax them to reveal who they really are and what they are doing

  • Improve your clairsenses to become your own K2 Meter and Spirit Box

  • Protocols for “Spiritual Combat”

Paranormal Protection Protocols

Crash Course

  • Types of interactions and what to do if they escalate into unwanted contact

  • What to do should a conflict arise

  • Different types of entities, their motivations, and interactions•How to handle unexpected phenomena that you may encounter

  • What to do before, during and after the investigation to keep everyone safe

  • Protocols for clearing energy, setting sacred space, and holding boundaries

Is this training right for you and your crew?

Book a discovery session today, and we will discuss your needs, how I can meet them, and the training best for your investigative team.


"This presentation by Kaedrich Olsen is a MUST for any paranormal investigator whether newly starting out or experienced pro.  Kaedrich's education, knowledge and experience in the paranormal world makes him the perfect teacher to bring this much needed information to a world that is SO under educated and under prepared for it.  This should be the FIRST tool in being an investigator... more important than any K2  or EMF meter will ever be."

   ~ Patti Negri, celebrity psychic-medium and Good Witch.

“The work we did was so helpful, thank you so much….

 You’re amazing and the work you do is incredible.”
    ~ Ashton 



How can you know if there is some otherworldly influence over you? 

Download this free guide to take your first steps in exploring this potential source of manipulation.

Have you noticed:

Strange obsessive thoughts?

Creepy feelings that you cannot explain?

Acting in ways that are unusual for you?


Maybe a spiritual being has attached to you and influencing you in ways you may not realize.

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You Will Discover:

Ways you can be influenced

Types of beings and their effect

How you can clear your energy

Ways to keep you and your home free of negative influences


Seances and Trainings are done, in person.

Please send me a contact for so that we can schedule and event for you. 


We live in a world filled with many types of spiritual beings and energetic entities. And they can affect every area of your life!

There are many in your life, right now. Some willing to guide you, some trying to reconnect, others passing through with their own agendas. 

The technology and techniques for communicating with these beings has been established and proven for centuries. 


Together, we open the veils between worlds, to say anything left unsaid, and to receive messages you need to hear. 

There are many more things we can do, than just communicate with lost loved ones. 

Séance Training Intensive

Learn how you can reach out, beyond the veil, and incorporate contact with spiritual beings a part of your own spiritual growth.

Seances, and Séance Training


Three Sessions

  • One-hour Assessment (Zoom or in-person)

  • On-Site working - 2 hours 

  • Follow-up (Zoom or in-person)


40% discount - limited time $300


You know that there is something unexpected, and maybe unwanted in your home. 

Maybe it is just causing you discomfort, knowing it is there.  If it is mischievous and causing harm, you know you need to clear it out of there.

It is time to take your home back and make it the safe place you need it to be, for you, your family, and your loved ones.

I can help you learn how to make your home safe. You don't need to call a priest, you don't need to smudge everything. You have the power within you to take back your home.

Let me show you how!

We will meet three times:

1st session - 1 hour 

  • Assess the situation

  • Give you techniques that will help you now 

On Site Walk Through - 2 hours

  • Connect and communicate with entities

  • Clear energies

Follow-up Session 1 hour

  • Assess any changes

  • Reinforce training

  • Expectations for future activity

Home Clearing

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Kaedrich Olsen is a paranormal expert, internationally renowned author, speaker, and teacher with over 30 years of experience guiding people through their supernatural and spiritual concerns.

Living in a haunted house full of spirits taught him how to work with entities of all kinds. Growing up attending a spiritualist church, he learned the art of seance and channeling.


His lifetime connection with advanced beings, called the Whisperers, gave him a keen awareness of the landscape of the afterlife, knowledge of how to work with various entities, and powerful ways of clearing unwanted attachments from home and individuals.

Now he brings his gifts to help people reach out and safely interact with loved ones and beings on the other side of life.

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