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PAGAN MEN: Stop Struggling to Connect with
Something Meaningful

Get the clarity, insight, and direction you need to help you though your most difficult challenges.

Without becoming a fluffy bunny or lost in a mainstream religion

Stop Sacrificing Your Life for the Benefit of Others!

Do this long enough, and you lose track of who you are.

You lose purpose and meaning

to your life.

In this free training, you will:


  • Connect with something real

  • Find meaning to your life

  • Bring that connection into your world 

  • Return meaning to your existence 

  • Find your rightful place in the world

  • Take Back Your Power!

You are not alone! Stop struggling against a world calling you to sacrifice yourself. 

Make this cosmic connection and become the man you need to be!

KO Standing.jpg
Kaedrich Olsen


Certain lifestyle choices I made, as an adult, cast me out from the family. And the more I connected with who I truly was, the more I was shunned from everything and everyone I knew. 


As I engaged my own spiritual practice, I found the beauty in the darkness. I found my way to the depths of the soul and used this powerful energy to fuel who I was, at the authentic level. 


Then, everything began to shift. 

I realized, the more I expressed myself at the authentic level, the more I found people who accepted me and embraced me for who I was. This is when I found the path to creating a new life, one that was a reflection of my own being. 

This is what I have to share with you. 

I found my liberation and became who I was always meant to be. I want to share this gift with you, so you too can become who you really are, in a life that is of your own creation. 

My teachings are inclusive. They are open for anyone seeking them, no matter their race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

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