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Big changes never come at once

Little by little, step by step, the shifts come to change every aspect of your life.

This moment marks your first steps into living a new life. One that is attuned to your own authenticity, guided by your own higher being, in a world of your own making.

But you need to make the commitment to consciously and willfully make these shifts, every day. These changes will not come all at once, but over time, they will have a huge impact.

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The three shifts that you can start making, right now are: 

1st Shift – Nauthiz to Wunjo Shift - Instantly shift your emotional energy. 
Don’t be a victim of the moment. We encounter stressful moments, all the time. But it is how we react to situations that can change everything.

2nd Shift - Listening to the Silence Within - Listen to your own sacred guidance
Stop stumbling around in the dark. There is a deeper part of your being that has the answers, it is always with you. All you have to do, is learn how to listen.


3rd Shift - Cultivate Moments of Awe - Raise your state of being every day. 
The world is a magical place. All you have to do is learn how to find the magic in every moment, everywhere.

While you will start to learn these practices in your quiet time, in moments of deliberate meditation and practice - in a space and time for this working 



I hope that you find these techniques to be valuable.

As you do them, what you are doing is creating a pattern of living, through daily rituals and practice - you literally are becoming a new person as you do this.

That person you are tuning into is you, at the authentic level - not what others tell you to be, not who you are expected to be, but who you are at the very core, the essence of your being.


As you start to move your spiritual practices from dedicated space and time, into the real world of everyday life, your life, the events in your life and the people drawn to you will start to reflect the spiritual shift that you are making 

Understand that doing this may not instantly give you the clarity and understanding you want. IT will come by degrees as you start to see the things that come easily, and that you find rewarding to do. 

You may also get a profound epiphany that gives you a clear sense of direction and purpose, all because your mind is in the right frame to receive that information.

Results will vary, by person, by situation, and by the timing in your life. All you have to do is start, be consistent, and open to receiving your clarity, however it may come.

20-minute Video to Introduce You to the
Three Shifts, and How to Use Them

Here are Your Three Simple Shifts

De-Stress your Day and
Deepen Your Spiritual Practice 

1st Shift: Wunjo to Nauthiz Shift

Wunjo Nauthiz Shift logo.png

Runes may seem obscure and strange to you, right now. But soon, these two will make easy sense to you.

There is a little secret about runes that many people will not tell you. Runes are not the strange little letters that you see carved into wood or stone. They are not even the little chips of wood or stone that bear these shapes. 

Runes are the subtle ties that bind the deepest layers of your mind to the subtle layers of reality. In that sense, a true rue in something that cannot be truly explained. It must be experienced. 

The shapes, names, and sounds are simple devices for us to connect with and understand the runes, at the abstract level. 
The following exercises will help you to experience what these two runes, Wunjo and Nauthiz, really are. 

Wunjo – 

This rune simply means joy. This is the happiness in your life, no matter how small, nor how big.

Wunjo represents any of the things, people, or situations that cause you to feel joy.

To learn to use Wujo, think of what it is that makes you happy. 

  • Make a short list of the few things that bring you joy.

  • Spend a moment reflecting upon how that feels inside.

  • Where in your body you sense it.

  • Can you increase the intensity of these happy feelings.

This, feeling of joy and happiness is Wunjo.

Nauthiz –

This is a rune of need, necessity, constraint. It represents a state of mind reflecting a sense of lacking or scarcity.


In your life, it represent the things you don’t have, but need, or think you need. Nauthiz is that sense of desperation that comes over you when you realize you may not have enough money to pay the bills, enough food to feed the family, or enough time to complete your work.

Take a moment to connect with what you feel that you are lacking,

  • What you do not have enough of?

  • What are the things holding you back?

  • Is there something you desperately need, but cannot seem to obtain or attain?

  • Feel inside where you notice how it feels to not have these things.


This feeling, of need and scarcity is Nauthiz.


Making the Shift


In a quiet time, in a quiet space, take a moment to sit with the feelings of these two runes.

  1. Make a note of what makes you feel like you do not have enough, or that you are lacking.

  2. Sit with that feeling of desperation and scarcity.

  3. Now, look over your list of things that make you feel happy.

  4. Allow the feeling of joy replace the feeling of needs, and increase the intensity of joy.

  5. Breathe into that feeling of joy, of having, and let it grow within you.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 a few times, until you feel you can make the shift in emotion


Taking the Shift to the Real World

After you have practiced this shifting, several times in your quiet time and space, you are ready to face the real world with your newfound skill.

When you find yourself in a moment where you are feeling that sense of loss, lacking, need, desperation, or scarcity:

  1. Take a moment to actually recognize what you are feeling

  2. As you recognize your are having a nauthiz moment, make the commitment to shift to wunjo

  3. Remember something from your list of joys. Breathe into that memory and let that feeling replace your nauthiz moment.

This will take a few times before you get it. The more you practice it, the easier it gets. As you do this, your subconscious mind will be programmed to automatically shift into a higher state when you feel Nauthiz coming on.


Doing this practice, regularly, will free you to be creative and help you to use more of your mind to solve the problems facing you.


You are literally freeing your mind from the burdens of stress.

Nauthiz to Wunjo Shift.mp3Kaedrich Olsen
00:00 / 08:02

This is an audio meditation, please listen in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for a short while. Do not drive, operate machinery or do anything more importnt, other that relax while listening to this program.

1st Shift

2nd Shift: Listening to the Silence Within

Silent Moments Logo.png

There is a place, deep within your mind that has the answers you seek to
solve all of your problems.


This is something you take with you, everywhere you go. And something you have access, if you know how.


All you have to do, is have a little patience with yourself.

Just as you did with the Wunjo – Nauthiz shift, find a quiet time and a quiet place. Somewhere where you can have several moments to yourself, undisturbed.

You can put on some calming music, a candle or two, maybe even some incense.

Yes, you are going to meditate, for a little bit. And I promise, even if you have never meditated, this will be easy.


We are going to take this in small baby steps:

  • Step one, just sit and take a few deep  breaths, from deep in your belly.

  • Next allow yourself just to be aware of the thoughts running through your mind.

  • Don’t try to stop them, don’t try to quiet them. Just be aware of them

  • Maybe, as you observe your thoughts, you notice a small quiet moment between the thoughts.

  • Maybe, you even start to notice a quiet space between the words of those thoughts.

  • When you are ready, as you are able to observe those silent spaces, make a game of how long you can make those quiet moments.


Over time, as you repeat this process, you will find that you can make these silent moments even longer.


As you do, you will begin shifting your consciousness from a lower, super-chatty, crazy money-mind state, into a queiter, calmer state that has instant access to a higher degree of wisdom.

It will take some practice, but I am sure you will master this.

Listening to the SIlence Within.mp3Kaedrich Olsen
00:00 / 08:47

This is an audio meditation, please listen in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for a short while. Do not drive, operate machinery or do anything more importnt, other that relax while listening to this program.

2nd Shift
3rd Shift

3rd Shift: Cultivate Moments of Awe

Aegis Logo.png

There is something wonderful to be found in the simplest of things in the environment around you.



This one may seem the strangest of all to attempt, but will have the most profound and long-lasting effects. And I am certain you may find it the easiest to perform, once you get it. I know, it sounds simple, and it really is.

To be in a state of awe is to have a reverence and respect for something.

When you are in wonder, you have an inexplicable sense of admiration and beauty that is unexpected.

Both of these states of mind are higher states of consciousness that can connect you with higher aspects of your own being.

It is a simple as taking a moment, in your day, to notice something small.

  • Let your mind drift into complete singular focus upon that one thing, no matter how minuscule.

  • Try to find something amazing and wonderful about this small, little thing.

  • Notice that feeling you have, deep within when you notice that amazing and wonderful thing.

  • Now, breathe into it and make it even more intense and strong. Try to breathe so deep into it hat your whole being becomes consumed by the wonder of the moment.


As you make this shift, you are bringing your whole being into a higher state of energy. This starts to transform your baseline energy state into a higher state of being.

If you can bring this sense of awe and wonder, into the mundane moments of your day, then your day will become all the more magical – moment by moment.

Cultivating Moments of Awe.mp3Kaedrich Olsen
00:00 / 06:37

This is an audio meditation, please listen in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for a short while. Do not drive, operate machinery or do anything more importnt, other that relax while listening to this program.

Personalize your Practice!


Working through these three shifts can lead to some powerful changes. They have proven effective fomr many people, but these are just generalized techniques. 

You have your own personal set of challenges, difficulties, goals and aspirations. Thus, you will need to discover your own personal practice that will powerfully change everything in your life.


For the past 20+ years, I have helped people, just like you, to discover their own spiritual gifts and place in the world. Together, we can create a customized plan,  just for you.

Let me help you find the clarity and insights you need  during your times of spiritual crisis.

  • Living  Purposeful life – clearing blocks, releasing shadows, clarity of direction

  • Spirits and Entities – clearing attachments, breaking energy drains, building connections &  communication

  • Sacred Practices – ritual, meditation, manifestation, establishing sacred connections

  • Men’s Spirituality – connect with your sacred for purpose, living with integrity

Let's discuss the  challenges you are facing, how they affect your world, and what you can do.

Follow a link to book your session and create your own personalized program of spiritual shifts.

In person

This link will open a page on the RitualCravt website



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