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How can you Step Up, as a Man, when you are constantly Cast Out?

You were not brought into this world to eke out a meager existence, cast aside, and shunned from the life you were meant to have.  

Every night does not need to end with you wondering if the daily toil is even worth it. Your days do not need to be filled with the life-sucking expectations that others thrust upon you.


There is something in you that others don’t understand.


This is why you follow a divergent path, why you seek out the things others may fear, why you look different, act different, and why you are drawn to the strange and unusual.

This is not a flaw. There is nothing wrong with you. There is a place where you do belong. And a life where you can truly be you.

But you need to be bold enough to take the steps to make that happen

  • Not pushing against the opposition – but connecting within to discover your own truth

  • Finding your way through the darkness – to awaken to your deepest passions

  • Learning how to rise above the drama – to finally be free of their control and expectations


Your time has come to start living your own life, in your own way!

Are you ready to become your authentic self and start living your ideal life?

In this 12-week program, you will learn how to:

•    Stop being what others want you to be, discover who you are, authentically, and start living the life you were meant to 
•    Liberate yourself from the needs and expectations from others that are dragging you down and preventing you from being yourself
•    Integrate all that you are into a whole being, comprised entirely of your own authentic soul
•    Discover your Will, your purpose to be in this world, and the things you can do to life a life dedicated to the achievement of your Will

This will enable you to increase the base energy of your being, beyond the basic human experience, so that everything that is in alignment with your authenticity is drawn to you, and that which is not, is repelled.

I know what it is like to not fit in.

This is a great place to add a tagline.

I know what it is like to be cast out, and feel alone and abandoned because my personal spiritual understanding does not fit into the proper, peace-love & light mentality.

I know what it is like to rise above the judgment and find my own sacred connection, in my own way, and start to live my life in accordance to my own sacred principles.

But, when I learned to truly embrace who I was, is when I got clear on my purpose, and accepted the path I was set to live, that is when everything changed – massively for the better!


This is what I want to share with you. If I can learn to become who I truly am, out of the shadows and darkness that others have cast upon me, then you too can learn to become a shining beacon in your own darkness.

This is not a path for those embracing mainstream religions, mainstream lifestyles, or popular cultures.

 This is a path for those called to be different, to stand out from the norm. Those of you who are called to be something beyond the comfort zones of the normal world.

Your 12-Week Program

  • Week 1

    Building Your Sacred Connection

    None of us can make these transitions alone. We need to learn the guidance we can gain from tapping into our own sacredness. By gaining this foundation, you will begin building the guidance can clarity you need for your success through every step of this process.



    • 9 Breaths Meditation – bring balance and sacredness to your whole being

    • Connecting with Higher Being – as a powerful guide through this whole process and beyond

  • Week 2

    Connecting to Your Core

    At the center of your being, where you have your sacred energy, there is the core of your authenticity. You will find this through a careful assessment of your strengths, skills, and accomplishments. As your awareness increases of the positive aspects of your core, you will find your deeper truths in connection to your own sacredness and how that is already resonating in your life.



    • Setting solid ground for who you are here and now – identifying benefits of who you are, now

    • Little accomplishments - Every moment, of every day you achieve something, no matter how small

  • Week 3

    Stepping into the Shadows

    None of us is perfect. We have been trained to have negative reactions to the things in our lives. Sometimes to our own detriment. This week, we will look at what causes negative feelings and beginning making shifts of those negatives to awareness and positives.


    • Awareness of negative triggers - notice the things that make you feel down, insignificant, failure, lost, unsuccessful, etc. 

    • Awareness and shift – take what you have learned about your shadow side and learn to shift your emotions into a new state

  • Week 4

    Deepening Your Spiritual Practice

    After a week of negative workings, we need to tap back into your sacred connections. If you have never meditated, this will be your toe-dip into a practice that every single massively successful person does. Even if you don’t think you can meditate, I will show you that you already do. Then we will take that realization into the very depths of your being and start to connect that through your life and world.



    • Meditation, in general - gain the basics of starting a meditation practice that works for you

    • Dark mind workings - discover the deep silence within that connects your whole being to your own sacredness

  • Week 5

    Shadow Revelations

    We go back into the shadows. We already explored negative triggers, now we need to explore negative behaviors. This is how you lash out, feel shame, resentment, anger, and so many other negatives. But what you will learn, is that these negative behaviors and feelings that we have been taught to swallow, repress, and never show (or acknowledge) are actually hiding your greatest superpowers. This is the week everything starts to shift.



    • Shadow revelation work 

      • Recognizing a pattern of projecting shadows on others and situations

      • Removing Energetic charge - should be done, multiple times, to ensure all charges are gone - could be the hardest part of working, usually only done individually

    • Clearing away what is not you - attachments, agreements, projections from others – to help you start becoming your own being

  • Week 6

    Making the Big Shifts

    Now that you have your sacred connections and spiritual practices, and we have explored the shadows – and the initial shifts have started. Now we start making the big shifts. This is where you most startling revelations will come to light. All the beliefs that have held you back become nothing more than stores that you can rewrite. You start to uncover your true powers to create your own sacred life. This is one of the most important weeks!


    • Belief Rewriting - Discover the beleifs that have been preventing your growth, and replace them with new ones

    • Energy Shift - learn how to shift your energy, with people and situaitons that are not in alginment with your state of being.

  • Week 7

    The Dark Night Revealed

    No journey of transformation is complete until we explore the extremes of what can happen should you fail in this journey. The dark night of the soul is about hitting the ultimate lowest you can hit. Maybe you have already done that. Maybe this is something lurking in your future. One thing about the future, is if you are not prepared for it, it will bite you hard. Now, you project the darkest possible future, learn from what this “causal-shadow” is hiding and start to build a pathway around it


    • Imagine dark night

      • Discover the worst it can be if you don’t make your changes, now

      • Rewrite the future, based on your position now, and the shifts you are making

  • Week 8

    Rebuilding From the Past

    Everything you are today is a result of who you were in the past. But what if you could re-write the past and emerge as someone knew. Yes, in the realms of the everyday world this is impossible. But deep in your psyche, in the place that knows nothing of fantasy/ reality, past/ present/ future – we can recover the true you that got lost in the history of trauma, disappointment, disaster.



    • Recover past part - a part of you, lost in the past may be the secret to who you really are, and it may be holding you in destructive patterns. 

    • Reintiegtate needed and wanted part from the past

    • Cut off from past part - not needed, not wanted, no benefit, could be damaging, not really a part of authentic self

  • Week 9

    Elements of Awakening

    Becoming a fully embodied sacred being means mastering the elements of your being. We process through the four classical element, earth air fire and water, and how they relate to your own sacred journey, where you have been, where you are now, and what you are becoming. Then we learn to access the great fifth element, the Quintessence, which will propel you into the life you were brought here to create.



    • Elemental workings - work through four stations of the elements in a specialized ritual

    • New Self Building – once you have cleared the space, you now start creating new vision of self 

  • Week 10

    Activating Your Full Brain

    Who are you becoming? Really? I have no answers, but there is a part of you that knows, and knows how to get you there. We awaken your full brain potential by giving you techniques to activate your pre-frontal cortex. This is the part of your brain that connects you to the sacred realms, to you sacred self, and gives you the clarity you need. It also gives you the power to instantly override negative emotions, damaging beliefs and create, in the moment, the path you want to follow.


    • Activating the Prefrontal Cortex

      • Avoid Mindlessness/ Autopilot

      • Narrow your focus

      • Deconstruct the moment –

      • Brain Games

    • Creating your Sacred Credo – your values/ code of conduct​

  • Week 11

    Superpowers of Spiritual Practice

    Everything we have been working toward is almost upon you. Now you learn how to take your greatest connections to your highest parts of your being and start to integrate that into your body, your being, and your life. We move beyond meditation and spiritual practice to learning how to take your practice out of the ritual chamber into the real world – making a sacred life.



    • Recap:  

      • 9 Breaths Meditations

      • Connecting with higher being and integrating that into body and being –

      • creating amulet, mantra, meditation to deeply embody this aspect of self

    • Embodiment with runes – I A O 

    • Creating liminal times – from liminal space

  • Week 12

    Launching Your Sacred Future

    From here, to the eternity of your existence. It is now you learn to listen to the whispers of your sacred being. To see its reflection in all that you are doing and all that you are becoming. You learn to trust those sacred whispers, the gentle nudges, to guide you in all that you. This includes a long-term vison and the steps you take to fulfilling that. Continuing you mission of spiritual practice, in the ritual chamber, and living it out through sacred actions.



    • Building Future Vision of Self

    • Discovering life purpose/ mission in life  

    • Setting up the next steps to fulfilling that mission 

Each week, I will send you two simple exercises. 

Though they may seem easy to master, the work takes you to the depths of your soul. These will be practices that you can use for a lifetime and still gain great benefits from the work.

  • Video explanations for the practices each week will help you to gain a clearer understanding of the work and how it applies to your situation.

  • Audio meditations to help you step away from the everyday world, and uncover your deepest hidden strength. 

  • The music accompanying these meditations are specially created to take your consciousness into very deep states where you will experience powerful transformative effects.

  • Worksheets that will help you clearly define the path ahead of you with step by step, pinpoint accuracy. 

If you sign up for One-on-one guidance, I will help you tailor the workings to your specific needs and gain clarity to your own specific concerns.

Throughout all of this, you have access to my years of study and practice and experience in spirituality, esoterics, transpersonal workings to achieve wholeness and recognize the value of who you are and find the empowerment you need to live that life.