Author, of Runes for Transformation, published by Red Wheel/ Weiser – taps into the depths of your mind to connect with the runes within, to affect the world around you.

Founder and composer of GaldraKraft – combining runes, ritual, music and magic for an immersive experience in the power of rune song.

From early childhood, and throughout his life, Kaedrich Olsen has led a paranormal life. From seances at an early age, to a lifetime of esoteric and occult practice (including runes and Norse mysticism), he is ideally suited to help you discover your own sacred path through the life you were always meant to have.

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Kaedrich Olsen is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and teacher who specializes in alternate paths of spiritual growth.

Paranormal Services 

Spirit Readings - Get the closure you need, and say the things you always wanted them to know in this private seance that includes contact, communication, and clearings.

Paranormal Investigator Safety Training - learn how you and your crew can stay safe during investigations. 

Home Clearing - You don't need to call a priest, you don't need to smudge everything. You have the power within you to take back your home.

Seance Training - Open the veil between worlds,  learn how to conduct seances safely and effectively for you, your loved ones, and those who seek your services.

Shadow Work 

Learn how to rise above the darkness in your world, by accessing your shadow. These are the parts of your psyche and soul that we have been taught are negative and that we need to hide them. But they hold the secret to living your own authentic life. 

Pagan Men's Spirituality

Connecting with the Sacred Masculine - work with different archetypes of sacred masculinity to discover your own sacred expression in a life of your own making. 

Personal Spiritual Guidance - get the personal attention that you need for the challenges in your life, from a spiritual perspective. WE will work together to identify the root cause of your challenges and I will give you specialized spiritual practices to address these concerns. 

These services are inclusive! They are open for anyone seeking them, no matter your race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, or gender identification.